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Monterey Kitchens Team

Say Hello To Your Potential Team, Each A Master Of Their Respective Craft.

Guido Ausenda, Owner

His talent for design grew out of the ten years he managed installations, working with clients to create dynamic, uniquely individual interiors. His secret of success? A fusion of great people who love what they do, quality products, modern technology and old world client-centered values.

Annie Ryu, Design Tecchnician/Operations Manager

Blending artistic vision with a foundation in technology, she brings two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional rendition so that clients can see and understand what their space will look like.

Heidi, Designer

Challenging the space in which one wishes to recreate and improve upon, and defining that space is what Heidi excels at. Exploring all possibilities until both she and her client feel content with the design.

Victoria Berti, Designer

With a passion for design, lively exchange of ideas, and willingness to go the extra mile for clients to have an inspiring environment, Victoria brings a fresh perspective and a welcome addition to our team.



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