Premier Kitchen Remodeling Designers



When you start with a great design everything else falls into place.

Monterey Kitchens is a premier group of consulting designers with over fifteen years of design + build experience creating inspired interior spaces, including kitchen, bath, office and entertainment rooms throughout the Central California Coast and beyond.

Bringing uniquely individual spaces to life means collaboration with a core group of talent, working together from many different perspectives to see exactly how your lifestyle, needs, cost, space, materials, and nature integrate. No matter what your vision is, we have the experience, resources, technical excellence and the creative intuition to get it done.

Our logo, a classic symbol of the perfect harmony found in nature, represents our quest to design rooms with a blend of beauty, craftsmanship and function—where every detail from the largest countertop to the smallest hinge is evaluated for its effect on the balance of the whole.

Stop by our showroom in Monterey. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Annie Ryu

Design Technician/Operations Manager

Annie is our resident visualization expert. Blending artistic vision with a foundation in technology, she brings two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional rendition so that clients can see and understand what their space will look like. Annie worked as an executive at LG Electronics in her native Seoul, South Korea until several years ago when she made the decision to expand her horizons by moving to the States. The adventure paid off. Today, clients and staff rely on Annie’s innovative energies to illuminate the technical and creative complexities of each project’s overall design. Always on the lookout for new ways to improve the client experience, Annie also oversees general operations, where her generosity and natural hospitality set a welcoming tone. Some days, her free time is spent pursuing technical artistry of a different kind—ice skating—an art form she has been perfecting since she was six.

Victoria Berti


An interior designer and a recent arrival to the Monterey area, Victoria’s has fresh perspective and enthusiasm that are a welcome addition to our team. After graduating in 2012 from Lawrence Technology University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Victoria gained hands-on training with a commercial interior designer before joining Monterey Kitchens earlier this year. With plans to become a Certified Interior Designer and LEED Green Associate, Victoria has found our passion for design, lively exchange of ideas, and willingness to go the extra mile for clients to be an inspiring environment. Off hours you’ll likely find Victoria and her boyfriend happily exploring the community and “trying to get a bunch of our friends from back in Michigan to move out here.” Victoria’s favorite guilty pleasure? Watching way too many re-runs of “Law & Order.”